Our first official workday…

A couple of Saturdays ago the garden had its first official workday – and it was a success!  We had ten volunteers show up to work on installing the water lines and to make a “future site of…” sign to let folks know what was going on (if they can read Spanish).

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Three hose bibs were installed in the garden – spaced so that each group of 6 garden plots has a central water source.  There were also a couple of extension stubs tee’d off from the line so that extra lines can be easily installed later on.  The 3/4″ PVC water lines are underground, but they are connected with a garden hose to the church water supply at an existing external spigot.  A sub-meter will be installed to track how much water is being used by the garden.

Thank you to the volunteers who were able to make the morning (and afternoon) a success:  Bob Cooper, Mike Wherman, Sam Sanderson, Rose Reis-Jackson, Alison Steele (and Nyx), Jeff Boxell, Julie Lambert, Scott Rock and Butch Cockrell.



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