Monthly Archives: May 2021

Thank you Emily Savino! Welcome Clif Grim!

A big welcome to Clif Grim, our new “blog master!” And, a huge and sincere thank you to Emily Savino who served in that position for over five years. We’re meeting our goal of being a “community” garden. Seven out of thirteen of our gardeners are from the community. Two new gardeners, Julie Mitchell and Lynnea Barnes joined us this spring. In addition, Linda Zhong is volunteering in the garden. Welcome, we’re glad that you’re here in the garden with us!

Recent photos from the Garden!

Beatriz, on the left, and Linda, our new and hard-working volunteer.

David, one of our garden gurus, shares his expertise with Linda.

Jane and David harvest carrots and Bok Choy from their beds.

Masked gardeners: Siok Hong, Nathan and Jane display herbs and greens.

Tamar gathers a nice selection of cilantro and other greens.
Jane, Siok Hong and David rig up an innovative tomato support system.

Susan proudly displays her newly planted bed.

Garden beds in various stages of cultivation.

Seven pounds of Romaine lettuce were donated to the ICM Food Bank this spring.

Dewberries are almost ripe!