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Sorry, potluck canceled…


Community Garden July Blog

The summer heat and humidity are taking their toll but they haven’t affected the ongoing positive happenings in our garden! Here are some of them:

#1 is the dedication of donations Bed 15, as a tribute to our beloved Fran Johnson by Carol Peterson. Fran was an original member of the garden when it was formed in 2012. Church members still talk about the beautiful tomatoes that he used to share with them.

#2 the annual potluck is on the calendar for Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 11:30 – 1:30! How exciting that our tradition is returning this year!

If you have a suggestion for a speaker or a topic, or both, please let Nathan or Jill know ASAP. In the meantime, we’ve contacted Urban Harvest for a possible speaker.

#3 thanks to Liam for the use of Bed#6 for donations this year!

#4 during the month of June, the following donations were made to the Clear Lake Baptist Food Pantry:

23 lbs. tomatoes; 2.8 lbs. peppers; 8 oz. carrots; 3.8 lbs. eggplant; and 2 lb.10oz. cucumbers.

Donation days: Wed. 2:30 – 4:30, the earlier the better. Jane and David Malin live close by and are willing to deliver your donations: 281-488-2452

Please report your donations to Jill: or leave a text at
832-755-6758. Thank you!

George shovels soil into new wheelbarrow.
Carol Peterson displaying the plaque honoring Fran Johson that is located in a donation bed.
George planting sweet potatoes provided by Urban Harvest. 
Sunflowers located in one of our pollinator beds.
The lantana attracts a black swallowtail.

Thank you Emily Savino! Welcome Clif Grim!

A big welcome to Clif Grim, our new “blog master!” And, a huge and sincere thank you to Emily Savino who served in that position for over five years. We’re meeting our goal of being a “community” garden. Seven out of thirteen of our gardeners are from the community. Two new gardeners, Julie Mitchell and Lynnea Barnes joined us this spring. In addition, Linda Zhong is volunteering in the garden. Welcome, we’re glad that you’re here in the garden with us!

Recent photos from the Garden!

Beatriz, on the left, and Linda, our new and hard-working volunteer.

David, one of our garden gurus, shares his expertise with Linda.

Jane and David harvest carrots and Bok Choy from their beds.

Masked gardeners: Siok Hong, Nathan and Jane display herbs and greens.

Tamar gathers a nice selection of cilantro and other greens.
Jane, Siok Hong and David rig up an innovative tomato support system.

Susan proudly displays her newly planted bed.

Garden beds in various stages of cultivation.

Seven pounds of Romaine lettuce were donated to the ICM Food Bank this spring.

Dewberries are almost ripe!