Seeds and a Sign

On Saturday, January 21st we had at least 21 adults and 5 children participate in our volunteer workday.  It was great to have such a turn-out for our project.  As always, we seemed to have fun doing good work.  One volunteer said that the banter was one of the reasons to show up for garden workdays – growing the beloved community indeed!

We had three goals: sort seeds, construct a sign, and attempt to hyro-bore under the driveway on the cheap.

(Photos after the break…)

The seed group sorted a bunch of packages of vegetable, flower and herb seeds which had been donated to the garden.  They began researching which ones we could use in the garden, the recommended planting dates and everything else we would want to know about the seeds.  We will use these seeds during our seed starting project on the next volunteer date: February 4th.

Julie Lambert provided the sign graphic, and the construction crew engineered a way to get the sign mounted.  By the end of the morning the sign was up and the framing was primed.  The mount and framing will be painted a dark green and a bulletin board will be installed on the backside of the sign.

The plumbing crew made a valiant attempt to bore under the driveway to re-route the water line, but they were stymied by the cheap tools supplied by the project coordinator.  Patrick has promised to provide something better than soda straws next time.

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Saturday’s participants were: Julie Lambert, Samuel Sanderson, Jeff Boxell, Kris Berthold, Kellynn Sembera, Megan Riordan, Evan Platt, Cinnamin Rivers, Jeannie Haman-Plummer, Jason Plummer, Bob Cooper, Patrick Gibbs, Luis Cordova, Jane Malin, David Malin, Bruce Meltzer, Paula Criswell, Alison Steele, LaVerne Nash, Kate Buchanan and Byron Buchanan.  And let’s not forget the Kid Corp of: Josie, Reulah, Grayson, Emma and Liam.  If I’ve forgotten anyone, please let me know.

Thank you to everyone for your continued participation and support for the BAUUC Community Garden.  Inch-by-inch we’re gonna make this garden grow.

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