Volunteers Needed!

Garden Workday

Saturday, February 18th

9:00 am – 2:00 pm


Workday begins Saturday, February 18th at 9am followed by a FREE LUNCH.  Please let me know if you will be participating so that we can plan accordingly.

This coming Saturday is a BIG DAY in the garden – we’ll need a good turnout to complete the tasks.  By the end of the day we should have over 20 vegetable beds constructed waiting for soil, the paths should be mulched and some indoor tasks completed as well.  We will be serving lunch to the volunteers.  Please bring gloves, shovels, wheelbarrows, cordless drills, power saws, long measurement tapes, hammers and mallets.

Here’s the primary task-list
(1)  Lay cardboard down over all the beds and paths
(2)  Construct lumber-framed raised beds
(3)  Position & level the beds
(4)  Cut and install plywood “shims” to close gaps caused by uneven grade
(5)  Mulch pathways

Other Projects (some are indoor, most are kid-friendly)
(a)  Start more seeds
(b)  Paint bed markers
(c)  Assemble birdhouses
(d)  Install water meter
(e)  Plant blackberries & grapes

Thank you all for your continued support of the BAUUC Community Garden.

-Patrick Ferrell
Project Coordinator
BAUUC Community Garden
(720) 987-8500

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