Urban Harvest Spring Fling

Our semi-official garden ambassador, Carol Anderson, attended the Urban Harvest 2013 Spring Fling yesterday, and it sounds like she had a lot of fun meeting other community gardeners, spreading the word about our garden, getting some freebies and enjoying really good food.

Carol sent this report:

I went to the UHSF at CMBC and took a few pictures. It was a very fun get-together!

CMBC has a small but lovely garden (since 2009) and provided a garden tour and lunch for the visitors. UH provided a speaker and had a large selection of seeds which they gave away freely, and also had a few plants and clay pots which they also offered to those interested.

One of the CMBC members, Terry, is also in charge of the city community garden program and oversees 11 gardens around town. I also go to meet Bob Randall, the author of “Year Round Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers for Metro Houston”, AKA “THE” book of gardening in Houston.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Carol for representing the BAUUC Community Garden.

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