August 8, 2015 – Garden Workday

The workday August 8th was very productive but very HOT with four super folks coming out to mow, weed-eat, till, and water. We have a new gardener, Allan Treiman, who has joined our ranks with a shovel in his hand. Thanks to Allan, Emily and George for joining me!


Garden Selfie – L to R: George, Allan, Emily & Nathan

Next Work Day: September 19, from 8 -10:30 am, will be our next workday due to my vacation plans. I would suggest we start preparing our fall beds whenever we receive some decent rainfall. Our rain chances look good starting on Sunday and continuing through Thursday.

One big event this summer was the installation of CenterPoint Hurricane resistant power poles, one of which almost ended up in the middle of bed #13.

Stay cool if possible!

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More Photos of us and the garden.

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Article by Nathan, Photos by Nathan & Emily


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