November 14, 2015 – Last garden workday of the season

The six folks who came to our Community Garden Workday got a lot of jobs accomplished. It was great to see David back in the garden after his accident! Emily, Jill and I were joined by new volunteers Jonathan and Karen – thanks to you both for your time and efforts!

Karen joined Jill and Emily in doing battle with Bermuda grass in the berry and grapevine beds. Jonathan repainted the bed numbers and painted signs on the compost bins. We hope to have some activity there when church members and the community recycle their fall leaves in our compost bins. These donated leaves will help us re-certify our church as a “Green Sanctuary” by advertising local recycling possibilities. Using these leaves as mulch and compost also serves as an alternative to chemical fertilizers in our Community Garden. This also will save our tax money since we’ll have to spend less on landfills.

Enjoy the pictures of our volunteers & the garden!

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 Post & Photos by Nathan V.

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