Wondering what to plant this June?

One of our gardeners, Jane, has some planting advice for this summer

  • Late April/May/June: yard long bean seeds, basil seeds
  • May/June: Eggplant plants, Seeds – okra, cucuzi/zucchini/summer squash 

What will you be planting this summer?



3 responses to “Wondering what to plant this June?

  1. Nathan – Thank you and your team for helping me get started with the garden box, starting with egg plants, squash and tomato on 6/11 Saturday! I worked on the garden some yesterday, replanted the milkweed bushes (there were 2 groups) by the bench, use the mulch you guys left for me, and watered the plants. The soil is very rich, just need to get rid of the grass. I should be able to clear them by this weekend. Have a great day, Siok Hong

  2. Good luck with your garden plot Siok Hong!!

  3. Siok Hong Chen-Sabot

    Thanks Emily – The “ownership” of the box gave me a neat feeling of being a part of the community – Can’t wait to fill it up! My husband and I run in Walnut Park in Webster, TX 3 times a week, and I can’t wait to bring him to show him the box.

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