Garden Workdays in March 2017

During early March we cleaned up several donation beds and George planted two beds with tomatoes and peppers that Urban Harvest donated to our Community Garden. BAUUC Community Garden recently rejoined their association. On our March 18th workday, Jane and David provided tomatoes, peppers plants and yard long bean seeds. George donated zucchini plants that he had sprouted. Many thanks to volunteers Ellie, and grandsons Louis and Ben, who tilled donation beds! Ana and Siok Hong came after we had made our group photo and also helped a great deal. Siok Hong is helping start a Community Garden at another church. We still need volunteers to help with our four donation beds. We appreciate Cindy Lewis for continuing to water when needed.

Our Community Garden’s next workday is Saturday, April15 from 8:30 – 11 am. Visit our Community Garden blog at and check out the Urban Harvest link for good gardening information on growing vegetables.

Photos of the Workday

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Blog post and photos by Nathan

For information about joining the community garden, send Nathan a message using the form below!

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