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Bulb Onions a Plenty

Small onion plants for planting are referred to as sets.  DIXONDALE FARMS is a good source for onion sets.  The most popular is the 1015Y Texas Super sweet yellow onion.
I also plant Texas Early White and Red Creole for stews and Cajun dishes.  Plant around first week in October 4-8” apart.  Put  1 tsp of soft phosphate or bone meal under the bulb before planting.  Use a balanced organic fertilizer.  Initially fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizer weekly until days are 12 hours long.  Water often and keep bed weeded.  Harvest April to June. Harvest all when   leaves yellow and fall over.  Store in a paper bag in the fridge.  Onions should last 5 months.
Article by Bruce
Here’s a few of the HUNDREDS of onion’s that were harvested!