Workday – Saturday, February 4th, 9am

We are planning to meet this coming Saturday (February 4th) for another busy, fun-filled workday at the garden.  Here’s what’s on the schedule for Saturday starting at 9am:

(1)  Neighborhood Canvas – We will have teams of youths and adults distributing fliers in the local apartments to help get the word out about the BAUUC Community Garden.  If you have Spanish-language skills, your help really would be appreciated.  Contact Julie Lambert ( to help with the canvasing effort.

(2)  Garden Survey – We will be marking out the location of the garden plots.  Bring measuring tapes (especially 50-ft + ones), Pythagorean triples and mallets to drive stakes.

(3)  Carpentry – We have two construction projects for this weekend.  The first is a couple of deep raised beds for gardeners who may have trouble bending and kneeling.  They will be constructed in the same method as the rest, but the bed will be 3-times as deep.  We want to get these beds done prior to the main build so we can be filling them with leaves and other compostables to make a fill base before we add soil.  The second construction project is to make some Leopold benches (proposed plan here [PDF]).  We will need circular saws, sawhorses, cordless drills (for driving screws), levels, squares and other carpentry tools.

(4)  Indoor Projects – This will be the first weekend of starting seeds (we hope).  We will be preparing pots, planting seeds, and figuring out how to keep the seedlings healthy until they get planted.  Hopefully Monday night’s vegetable seeding class taught us all we need to know about how to do that.  We may also be making ollas on Saturday.

(5)  Plumbing – Install a water sub-meter.  This meter will go in the valve box near the supply bib.  We won’t be attempting to hydro-bore under the drive again this weekend.

If you are available to help with any of these projects on Saturday, please let me know.  We can use folks at any level of skill on these activities – tell us if you have a preference on which project to work on.  We aren’t planning to have childcare open, but feel free to bring the kids if you’d like.  The can help make pots, glue ollas or go dig random holes in the dirt.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of the community garden.

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