Field Trip – Westbury Community Garden

This past week I had to go inside the beltway to get some gardening supplies, and since I was in the area, I stopped at the Westbury Community Garden near Hillcroft and Hwy 90.  You can read up on their garden in the Houston Chronicle, or on their extensive garden website.  This is a pretty big allotment garden – and it looks like they have plenty of room to grow.

Slideshow after the break…

It seems they’ve had a good bit of sponsorship from corporations and local and regional civic organizations – that’s where the covered learning center and cistern come from.  It’s a new garden, just started in 2010.  I think it will be a really neat place to visit in a few years once the orchard matures.

There wasn’t anyone in the garden to visit with when I was there, but I took some photos to share.

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One response to “Field Trip – Westbury Community Garden

  1. I guess we’d have trouble putting up a similar covered area and cistern with our easement issues. Too bad, that would be an excellent way to offset our watering needs.

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