Workin’ in the Rain

Careful what you wish for – you might get it.

Although today’s rain forced a postponement of the neighborhood canvasing effort, we still had over 17 volunteers stop in to help with garden projects this morning.  We weren’t able to work on the deep beds today, but we kept busy with other activities.

Photos and details after the break…

Inside, garden volunteers made 25 ollas and started 16 small trays of vegetable seeds.  The ollas are curing and will be available for neighborhood gardeners when the plots are planted in March.  The seeds went home with foster parents who will tend to them with love until they can be bumped up into individual pots.  When the plants are hardened off, they also will be given to neighborhood gardeners.  Extras will be available to gardeners from the church.

Although we didn’t build any beds today, the construction crew cranked out a few nice Leopold benches.  They’re sturdy and inexpensive – folks seemed to like the benches (of course – I mean, Aldo Leopold designed them!).  Feel free to try them out next time you’re at the church.

And not to be dissuaded by a little rain, a few silly souls stomped through the mud to mark out bed locations in the garden.  Some of the kids stomped through the mud and water too, but that was just for fun.

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A big thanks to all of today’s volunteers: Jeff Boxell, Bob Cooper, Luis Cordova, Paula Criswell, Patrick Gibbs, Jessica Hackworth, Jeannie Haman-Plummer, Julie Lambert, Stephanie Lands, Trey Lands, Bruce Meltzer, Randy Ohliger, Megan Riordan, Cinnamin Rivers, Turi Rivers, Scott Rock and Samuel Sanderson.  Today’s kids crew included Alexander, Jaxton and Rebecca.

2 responses to “Workin’ in the Rain

  1. Shh! Don’t tell Brenda or Judy we used the roasting pans to hold the seed starting mix! 😀

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