It looks like a garden

Except for it being a little breezy, we finally had some good weather on our scheduled workday – and we took advantage of it.  It’s starting to look a lot like a garden.  All of the beds have been constructed, and all of the beds in the initial section have been staked out, leveled and mulched.  The five beds in the expansion area were set in place but will still need to be staked and mulched.  Importantly, we did manage to clear out all the lumber and mulch that were taking up valuable parking spaces.  Now we can dump soil into those parking spaces instead.

Photos after the break.

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We had seventeen adult volunteers, two children helpers and one infant cheerleader.  The girls got to hammer together the raised beds for the grapevines – they did a great job and will be among the first in line for fresh grapes in a few years.  The blackberries still didn’t make it into the ground though- maybe Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to all the great volunteers who came out to help today:  Judy Bergman, Jeff Boxell, Bob Cooper, Paula Criswell, Patrick Gibbs, Bob Handy, Summer Haywood, Julie Lambert, David Malin, Jane Malin, Alex Montgomery, Jonathan Peck, Elaine Perachio, Scott Rock, Alison Steele, Susan Wildin, and Pat Woodbury.  Today’s kids crew consisted of Jade, Sapphire and Madeline.

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