February 14, 2015 Workday


Our Saturday workday started off chilly but bright. Twelve stalwart gardeners: George, Gary, Fran, Nathan, Jill, Emily, Allan, Christopher, Rowlan, Jane, David, and Elaine turned out to begin preparing the garden for spring planting. Most of the effort went to digging and pulling the pesky grass found on three badly overgrown beds. Gary and Allan were heroes of the day by turning over the soil in several beds. One crew meticulously pulled weeds from around the dewberry and grape vines and then finished off with spreading mulch to prevent its return. George installed new boards on two beds, killed fire ants and hauled off the old rotted boards to the dumpster. There’s a lot more to be done. The next workday will be Saturday, March 14th, 8:30 – 12:30. Volunteers are needed to work with George and Nathan to prepare two production beds, once or twice a month. These beds will be used to grow vegetables for ICM and Bay Area Turning Point and help fulfill our outreach goals to the community.

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One response to “February 14, 2015 Workday

  1. Awesome job crew. Way to get the garden looking good. It is a fine reflection on our church.

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