Tips On Tomatoes

I went to the Master Gardeners’ Green Thumb lecture on Feb. 19 at Freeman Library and listened to more information that I could every assimilate but I was able to note some interesting things on tomatoes which is my chief spring crop. They said to plant after the last day of possible freeze (March 5th) and then try to get your tomatoes to set or blossom before the night temperature reaches about 75℉. (in early June) for larger tomato varieties. I recommend Celebrity, a medium sized tomato, which produces in 69 to 80 days. When it quit producing I pulled it up.

The MG’s recommended two cherry tomatoes: Sweet Million and Juliet. The cherries are able to keep producing into the summer and possibly into the fall. I have grown Sweet Millions (55 to 68 days) before and Juliet was highly touted by the Master Gardeners. Juliet produced more fruit than any other tomato variety in Montgomery County last year. The MG’s recommend an organic fertilizer called Microlife. The tomatoes and Microlife are available from Maas Nursery on Toddville Rd. in Seabrook. I was impressed with the tomatoes I bought recently. Some of our gardeners buy composted cotton burrs and compost tea there. If you are interested in making compost tea,  the directions from the Master Gardeners are in my church office box.

The next garden workday is on March 14 from 8:30 to 12:30. Join us!


2 responses to “Tips On Tomatoes

  1. Well maybe after this week’s forecasted cold spell i will make the leap. Thx for the tips.

  2. Jeff, It’s got to get warm sometime!

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