Into the new decade, Garden Work Day

Our last workday of the 2019 year was one of the best with a workforce of twelve gardeners. BAUUC is on the Prairie Pollinator Pathway, which means we will be planting pollinator plants in two of our garden plots to attract bees and other pollinators. Patrick Ferrell arrived early and installed a Prairie Pollinator Pathway sign and one of his bee houses.

Bee House

Patrick installs a bee house in one of our plots

Bruce Meltzer weeded his bed after loaning it out for growing donated sweet potatoes. Both Bruce and Patrick have been members since 2012. Robert and Susan Strahan worked on their bed that has a variety of greens and snap peas. It was a pleasure to welcome the family of Kimberly (Kimi) Clark, her two children and her parents, Kelli and Larry Travis, as volunteers. They made short work of pulling a lot of grass roots from the plot where we will be planting Prairie Pollinator seeds. Anne Bechard is another new volunteer who also helped with this task. Beatriz Perez-Sweeney worked on her beds and helped out with weeding the donation beds. We appreciate Ivar’s efforts in the garden as well as all the other jobs he does around our church.

Although the sky was threatening rain, our gardeners showed up on our first workday of the year. A number of interesting and pretty plants are growing strong: snap peas with purple blooms, Swiss Chard, and Mexican mint marigold, whose leaves and flowers are edible and taste like licorice.

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Article & photos by Nathan

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